Hi! I’m Cat, and this is going to be the busiest year of my life. I keep saying that every year, but as I look forward to the coming year, I can’t imagine it being any less busy. This year Scott and I are  introducing twins into our family to come hang out with our son who will be just 18 months old when they arrive! What do you think the new ones will be…boys, girls, one of each?

Last year I had some time when our son was small to get my tutoring business off to a good start. Quantum Tutoring is a tutoring business specializing in teaching science and math to high school and college students in Champaign and Urbana, Illinois. Keeping our overhead costs to a minimum, we became profitable in just a few weeks. It was also our first experience with actually marketing a business, doing business taxes and running a business while raising kids.

Everyone else is still in school. My husband Scott and my sister Sara are in graduate school studying Electrical Engineering and Music Education, respectively. Sara’s husband Jonathan is an undergrad double major in Religion and Psychology. Will they ever be done with school so they can help me start another business? Someday.

In the meantime, what do two engineers, a psychology guy and a singer know about business? We all have practical experience now and have tested out some theories in the real world. Quantum Tutoring is ready for a new school year; Sara decided to put Quincy Massachusetts Voice Lessons on hold after a very successful year of business, while she raises her twins and finishes school; we’re continuing to develop new business ideas that we’d like to try someday; and we’re still learning and sharing that new knowledge with you.

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