Textbooks for Sale

Scott and I have decided to liquidate one of our assets, namely our inventory of college textbooks. Amazon.com has revolutionized the way textbooks are bought. No longer are the students at the mercy of the university to buy their textbooks (new or used) at the university bookstore for a premium price. Student always had the option of selling their books back to said bookstore at the end of the semester, but the price paid to them was way below the books value, and the university turned around to sell those books to next semester’s students for three times what they paid last semester’s students to buy their book back. My university always touted how much money they had saved students with their buyback policy. What a boldfaced lie!…or is it baldfaced?

Enter Amazon, which connects you, last semester’s student, directly to next semester’s student. Since there’s no university ripping you off, you sell your books for a higher price than the university would give you and they buy them for lower than what the university offers. Ah, how I love Amazon!

Additionally, you can buy old editions on Amazon. They are usually less than five dollars plus shipping, and ye olde university bookstore would never ever even offer the old editions for sale. You’d never be able to find them. Scott and I decided to buy our textbooks back when and if we need them once they have become an outdated edition.

All in all, we’re still losing money by buying textbooks for our courses and later selling them for less than we bought them. However, by not letting them sit in our closet until they are outdated, we have minimized our losses. To us it seems like extra income, since we never planned to turn a profit on textbooks anyway. In just two months we’ve sold over $700 in textbooks. How cool is that?!

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