Too Many Books

I recently read an article about going on an “information diet.” The fact that I can’t remember who wrote it, where I read it or many of the main points proves that I need to go one. The jist of it is that often we spend far too much time online and off reading, watching , consuming information and then doing what?…nothing. How many articles about financial advice do you need to read, before you put yourself on a budget, cut your credit card debt or make some wise investments? For most people, they never get beyond the information-consuming stage.

Recently I realized that I was in the middle of at least nine books. I was reading Despereaux in Spanish to my son, listening to Les Miserable on mp3, listening to Shadow of the Hegemon on CD with my husband, and reading Drawing on the Powers of Heaven, The Book of Mormon (in Spanish), The Engine of America, The Essential Online Solution, Babywise, and Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems. I think there were actually more than that, but I can’t even remember them.

I think overwhelming myself with reading material was a result of not being in school. During the entire school year, I always had to focus on the reading material for my classes and could barely find time to read one book per quarter that was not school related. Now that has suddenly disappeared and I have all the time I want to read and go back to the library for more and more books.

Additionally, it seemed to take forever to finish any one book…this past weekend I finally finished three of them! I often feel obligated to finish a book I’m not enjoying, so I can post the review on this site and so that not all my reviews are super positive. However, I think that will end. Maybe I’ll just keep a list of books I started that weren’t worth finishing. Hehe.

So by putting myself on an information diet I am going to schedule a maximum amount of reading time per day or per week. Also, I am going to do more with the information I do gain. The ROI from the books I have been reading has been nill. I need to change that. this! · digg this!

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