Create Your Own Employment: Part 1

I have recently begun to think of running a business in a new way. There are many benefits to creating a business for the sole purpose of creating employment for yourself. You create the job you want to be doing, and your business doesn’t have to be large and complicated. You may be limited in the growth that your business can achieve, even if your idea is the world’s greatest. However, many people simply create a business, so they can work for themselves and not for other people.

After reading and reviewing The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Business Don’t Work & What to Do About It, I was convinced that the only smart thing to do in running a business is set it up so that it can run without you. This means systematizing everything in your business, so others can be trained to take your place in every position you occupy in the company. This way, you can expand, allow your business to grow, open more locations, sell a higher volume of merchandise, etc. But, what if you just want a job, that you enjoy, that pays well, in which you don’t have to answer to others? What if you don’t want to be able to run your business on a national or international scale? What if you just want to earn a few more dollars a month? At least for now.

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