Back in Business

Enough about dentists already, right? I agree. Just for closure on the subject…I got one of the teeth looked at, and it turned out to only need a crown. Then I was referred to another (read “competent”) dentist who looked at the other two and determined that only one of those needed a root canal and there was nothing wrong with the other. Now I wonder if I ever really needed the crown I had done either. So that’s that. I will never go back to Western Dental.

As predicted my life has been crazy this past year. I had to put business and this blog on hold for a while, but we’re up and running again.

Sara has been able to do more on the business front this year than I have. She now has her own voice lessons and singing performances business. She currently works part time and studies full time at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. However, she has managed to create her business and teach lessons in her “free” time. She inspired me to write an article on creating a business for the sole purpose of creating employment for yourself, which I will do in the near future. She charges $30 an hour, so that beats earning minimum wage any day.

If you want a great looking website without all the hassle of learning to code in html and css, you can follow Sara’s example. She used a standard template for her website and customized it to fit her business.

If you want to create you own website from scratch, as I did for my new business, Quantum Tutoring, it can be a great learning experience. I recommend looking the this website for html and css code and this one for some useful style sheet examples. I knew nothing about creating, hosting or uploading a website two months ago. However, with a little help, I have been able to do just that. Just find a friend who knows about web hosting, and a bit about design, and then you’ll be able to do the fun, creative part.

In addition, I thought I’d try an experiment and create my own wikipedia page to see if it draws attention to me. I’m very new at this SEO (search engine optimization) stuff, so I’ll keep you posted on what happens. You can create your own wikipedia page here. Well, that experiment failed rapidly. Apparently Wikipedia has guys checking all the articles and they determined that I was not important enough for my own page. If you think you’re more important though, go ahead and give it a try. this! · digg this!

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