Dentist – Week 1

Okay, so I inform the 800 number receptionist that I’m pregnant and she says I should go to my appointment. When I get there they will give me a paper to fax to my doctor, which he faxes back saying I can take x-rays and get treatment, and I get moving on my dental work. Sweet, so I get to my appointment and inform the local receptionist of what 800 number lady told me. “Oh,you have to have your doctor fax us a letter,” she says. “I know, they said I get the letter from you and you fax it to them, the doctor signs it and I’m good to go.” She informs me that it has to come from the doctor first, so I give up and just spend time filling out their new patient information including a health questionnaire with about 100 questions on it, which I specifically mark YES to “Are you pregnant?” So I call my doctor and have them fax the letter.

Make sure the local office is on the same page as the national or regional office, and that both are aware of the company’s policies. this! · digg this!

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