As part of getting ready for a new quarter of school, I generally take a look at what I was doing the previous quarter in all aspects of my life and how each of those activities made me feel. I recommend this procedure to everyone. I generally have a tendency to take on about one too many things at a time. Sometimes I try to take one more class than I have time for; other times I try to be involved in too many organizations or sports. Recently, upon executing my quarterly evaluation, I decided that I had once again tried to do one too many things. I began feeling really nervous about this quarter whenever I thought about it during Christmas break, so I knew I needed to change something about my plan. Trying to keep up with this blog this quarter was unfortunately what needed to be removed from the list.

Last quarter I had many of my posts written from my free time over the summer. I had saved them up while we got the website up and running, and so last quarter I simply had to worry about writing less. I would still like to keep this going, but it’ll have to be on a more spur of the moment basis. For example, right now, I have a few minutes before my next class, but its not enough time to get any homework done, so I decided to write. Anyway, more about priorities:

I try to keep my priorities in line as follows:

  1. Family: Make sure my husband and I have everything we need and are doing what we need to be sure that we will be able to raise a happy, healthy family.
  2. Church/Religion: This ties in closely with family, but I think that a person needs to spend a good deal of time reflecting on their own spirituality, how they act towards others and how their behavior reflects the person they want to be.
  3. Education/Occupation: Here I have to make some choices on what is most important in the long run, but I look at what I need to be doing to make sure that I can be employed in the future in a job that I enjoy doing. This also includes helping my husband do the same thing, so that when we have children, I can stay home and make sure they are raised correctly.

Beyond that there’s not much more. Most of my life currently fits into those three categories, and as long as I keep them in that order, I am happy. If I take on too many responsibilities from a lower category which effect the higher categories, my life seems much more stressful and chaotic. Once, I get it back in order, things seem to smooth out. Also, I think I accomplish more by keeping my priorities in order. I seem to have more time for more things, than when my priorities are out of order.

Well, I have to run to class now. I’ll come back and spell-check this later! this! · digg this!

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