Guerrilla Marketing for the Home-Based Business – Jay Conrad Levinson

I know I’ve been slacking off lately. You’re going to have to cut me some slack, because it’s finals week. Next week will be the start of Christmas break, and then I’ll really get to writing. I have to write a lot during my breaks, so I have a stockpile of articles to post. Otherwise I won’t ever post anything during the time I’m in school. Anyway, this book review is from one of my favorite books so far. There is so much great, practical, usable information for marketing a home-based business. I can’t wait until we get some of our ideas rolling, so I can play around with the techniques in this book. I tried to take really good notes so I could look back and remember exactly what was in the book anytime I needed (since I had gotten it from the library). So, in my opinion they are definitely worth reading.

Guerrilla Marketing for the Home-Based Business
Jay Conrad Levinson

So far this is one of my favorite books. The connection made between marketing for small businesses and guerrilla warfare is brilliant. You my friends are the guerrillas. The giant corporations are your competitors, and you can hit them by being quick, responsive and inventive. Your strength is in being small.

I took copious notes while reading this book, and I would recommend that everyone read them. You can find hundreds of specific techniques that can help you market your startup such as by word of mouth, via newsletter, utilizing networking and developing your niche in the business.

The idea of finding your niche in the marketplace is an amazing one. How many stories have you read on other people’s blogs or in entrepreneurial magazines about people who made a few million selling upscale clothes for little boys, lotions and shampoos for babies made with all natural products or jars of different, fancy types of peanut butter. Those are just a few of the stories I’ve heard lately.

I’ve started thinking that I really enjoy the marketing side of business. This blog is essentially a marketing tool. It lets people know who I am and what I’m doing. It gets my name into places I couldn’t reach without it. I can’t wait until our business is further in its development. Then, I can use everything I’ve learned in this book, about how to use my time and money wisely, to ensure that those most likely to be my clients know about my business.

Anyone that owns a startup business should get this book. Buy it or borrow it from the library. It has so many great ideas, you can really customize your marketing strategy to your business.

Read my notes to get started on some ideas. Check out Guerrilla Marketing’s website. It also seems to have some good articles and information that was contained in the book. this! · digg this!

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