About Book Reviews

As Scott and I continue to learn about businesses the best resource we have are books.  When I was commuting 70 miles to school after we got married, my sanity was saved by books on tape.  I listened to every book I had ever wanted to read and then some, and I became a complete convert and devoted fan of the best invention in the world…the public library.  Scott and I have been reading everything we can get our hands on about business and finances.  So go get yourself a library card, and start using it as frivolously as some use credit cards.  Also, some public libraries let you download audio books for free, so there’s not even a chance of late fees.

I’m going to be posting reviews of the majority of the books I read, so you can be introduced to some new ones and see how they’ve helped us.  In addition, I plan on posting a link to the notes I typed up while reading or listening to some books.  I’m not making those fancy or anything, and they’re not short, but if you don’t have time to read 300 pages, you’ll get the main points from the 5 or so pages I’ve condensed it to.

If you’re just interested in books in general check out this site I found.  It has any classic novel you could want.  I’m not sure how they get around copyright laws and all that, but that’s their thing.

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